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How to Detox Safely to Take a Drug Test

How to Detox Safely to Take a Drug Test

If you have to take a drug test in order to get or maintain a job, you may feel anxiety or pressure to try anything that will help you pass.  There are many unhealthy and even dangerous methods out there that claim to be home remedies that will ensure you pass a drug test.

For example, you can find on the internet that drinking bleach is effective.  That’s right-some people are dumb enough to believe this and they pay dearly for that mistake.  For starters, drinking bleach will destroy your insides before potentially killing you.  Even putting bleach into a urine sample can be detected and is the mark of an amateur. So please, do NOT drink bleach-under any circumstances.  You can’t get or keep a job if you’re dead.

Similarly, don’t ingest water-purifying tablets. These pills are designed to purify water by itself, not inside of the human body.  These tablets can wreak havoc on your system and do not aid in passing a drug test.

Other unfortunate souls have overdosed on niacin, believing it would cause them to pass a drug test.  Instead, not only do they fail the test, but they get incredibly sick as well.  Not to mention being plagued by a widespread rash!

Some people fall victim to these un-natural and harmful alternatives because they either don’t know any better or they claim that natural, safe detox products are too expensive.  Well, after reading this, no one will be able to pull the ignorance card.  As for the cost, there are tons of affordable and reliable detox products on the market.

Other people claim that they’ve tried natural detox products and failed the drug test anyway. The majority of them probably didn’t follow the instructions correctly on the products.  Most products require a period of abstinence, which can be difficult for some users to follow.  Others could have followed directions to the tee and still failed because there was simply too much in their systems or not enough time had passed.

When faced with a drug test, your best bet is always purchasing a detox product from a reputable company and following the directions correctly.  Never try to save a pretty penny by putting your health at risk with dangerous remedies.  You’ll end up paying more in hospital bills—or even with your life.

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